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Colored Artist Tapes

Artist tape is often used to block off edges of paintings to present a finished and professional look. Also, it provides a straight edge that separates different colors of paint within the artwork. Traditionally, artist masking tape comes in a white color. However, at, we offer a wide selection of colored artist tape as well. This is excellent for marking boards, color coding files, labeling, cropping photos, or blocking copy. We offer seven standard colors and four fluorescent colors that grab the attention. All of our artist tape is acid free and will not leave a residue when removed.

White artist tape does not always need to be used by painters. As repositional labeling tape, it can be removed without hassle and reapplied. It can be moved from place to place in the home or office. For instance, it can be used to identify areas of a temporary work station where files or inventory are placed. The tape can easily be written on with markers or pens for quick identification. Choose from an assortment of sizes for individual needs. We guarantee satisfaction and quick delivery.

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