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***Important News about Better Packages Tape Dispensers***

September 2020

As of September 20th, 2020, Better Packages/IPG is experiencing a back log on the production of their 333+, 555es, and 755 Water Activated Tape Dispensers. They are working to bring production lead times to normal soon and we will update this message once these times are restored.

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Comparing the Automatic Tape Dispensers from Better Packages

A reliable tape dispenser is essential in any office where packages are being shipped out and we offer you some good options in this area, including both manual and electronic units. Our selection of Better Pack Tape Dispensers includes three automatic tape dispensers and one manual model, the Better Pack 333+. This unit can deliver as much as 30" of water-activated tape at a time and is designed for tapes between 1.5" and 3" in width. This is a heavy-duty unit featuring a strong, steel frame, minimal moving parts and is easy to clean and low-maintenance.

The three electronic tape dispenser options we offer are all top of the line units, each with its own special capabilities.

The Better Pack 500 offers single-touch dispensing of water-activated tape, reinforced or non-reinforced, and is made to be durable, safe to operate, straightforward and simple to use. The Better Pack 500 is the greatest value in automatic tape dispensers.

The Better Pack 555es is designed to dispense Kraft Tape and will hold as many as 1000' of tape for fewer rolls changeovers.

The Better Pack 755
is the ultimate workhorse in automatic tape dispensers. It's meant for handling medium to high volume use and will accommodate a tape that's up to four inches wide.

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