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PG21 High Temp Masking Tape

PG21 is an extremely versatile masking tape that is resistant to strong solvents and paints and is easily removed in warm or cold environments. It is temperature resistant to 325F. PG21 performs well in wet strip applications. Easy to handle with exceptional cornering while conforming well to irregular surfaces. Its smooth crepe backing exhibits high strength and performance on a wide variety of surfaces. Provides resistance to paint flaking and a clean, well-defined paint line. PG21 has a long and successful performance record on thousands of critical masking applications.

ASTM D6123/D6123M (1), CID AA-883B (1), BAC5317

Intertape PG-21 High Temp Masking Tape FAQ

What is the highest temperature that PG-21 will remove cleanly? 325°F

What are the primary markets using Intertape PG-21? Automotive, Aerospace, and Transportantion Vehicle Manufacturing

Does Intertape PG-21 work well in cornering applications? Yes, it corners and conforms to curves very well

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