optiWhat is 3M 9415 PC Removable Repositionable Tape?

What is 3M 9415 PC Removable Repositionable Tape?

What is 3M 9415 PC Removable Repositionable Tape?

3M 9415 PC Removable Repositionable Tape is the ultimate solution for temporary mounting of lightweight materials like paper, plastics, films, or foams. 3M 9415PC double coated removable adhesive tape features a medium-tack permanent adhesive on one side and a low tack adhesive on the other, making it perfect for applications where you need to reposition or remove and replace items repeatedly. The resilient polyester film carrier provides strength, dimensional tape stability, and improved handling for die cutting and laminating applications. Additionally, the tape has higher temperature resistance making it a great choice for a wide variety of applications.

3M 9415PC Tape has such a versatile translucent adhesive that it works on a huge range of applications such as, reclosable envelopes, core starting and end tabbing of papers, foils, and films, removable labels, book inserts, mounting promotional items, removable/changeable advertisements, and temporary repositioning of foam gaskets. The low tack adhesive also allows for easy removal from many papers, foils, and films without leaving any residue behind.

9415PC has a combination of strength, versatility, and low tack adhesive which makes it the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Say goodbye to difficult to handle permanent adhesives, and switch to 3M 9415PC for all your Repositionable tape mounting needs.  Get your hands on this reliable and easy-to-use tape today, and experience the benefits of temporary mounting with ease!

Frequently asked questions about 3M 9415PC Tape

Which 3M double sided tape is removable? 3M 9415PC Tape is one of the highest performing and best removable repositionable tapes in the market.  3M 9415PC features a permanent adhesive on the face side and a removable repositionable adhesive on the back side of the tape.

What is the strongest removable Repositionable 3M tape? 3M 9415PC tape is among the strongest removable double sided tapes in the market.  This is largely due to the fact that it is supported between layers of adhesive with a polyester film carrier.   This makes 3M 9415PC one of the best options to test in your application.  Odds are that it will succeed for the majority of Removable Repositionable Double Coated Film Tape applications.

What widths are available in 3M 9415PC? 3M offers a variety of standard common widths. However, we take this a step further by offering widths from 1/8” up to 48” wide.  Widths are also available in mm (millimeter) measurements.

3M 9415PC uses a premium 3M Scotch Acrylic Adhesive #400 ( amp )

The standard roll length is 72 Yds.
Tape thickness = 5 Mil (exclusive of liner)
Total thickness = 6.4 Mil
Adhesive Color = Translucent
Volume discount available

Top applications for 3M 9415PC

  • 3M 9415PC is ideal for use on reclosable envelopes
  • 3M 9415PC is popular for Core starting
  • 3M 9415PC is used for end tabbing of papers, foils, and films
  • 3M 9415PC is used to make Removable labels
  • 3M 9415PC is great for Book inserts
  • 3M 9415PC is used for Mounting promotional product
  • 3M 9415PC is used for Removable/changeable advertisements
  • 3M 9415PC is used for Temporary repositioning of foam gaskets

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YD = Yard
MM = Millimeter
M = Meter
Sz = Size
Tack = Refers to the level of adhesion or tackiness
Cloth and Duct are terms that refer to backing materials.