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Understanding Custom Printed Packaging and Paper Tapes

If you are looking for a way to reduce your shipping costs but still want to brand your products, consider printed packaging tapes. Custom tape is less expensive than having boxes printed with your company logo or advertising on them, and custom printed tape enables you to make your shipments branded and unique. Another benefit of printed tape is that it provides an extra layer of security. You can easily tell if a shipment has been tampered with because if someone has opened a container, they will not be able to reseal it if the adhesive on the custom printed tape has been opened.

Whether you want to display your company name, web address or special sales and discounts, we can provide high quality printed tape that fits your needs. At CustomTapes.com, you will find a variety of custom printed paper tape options. If you require a printed tape, we have your solution!

The Best Printed Tapes

What are the most popular printed tapes in the USA?

Custom Printed Film Packaging Tapes - Polypropylene Film Tapes are among the most popular box film sealing tapes. They are available in various thicknesses ranging from 2, 2.5, and 3 Mil


Water Activated Paper Tapes - Water Activated Tapes are an increasingly popular option, credited to the high visibility it has received on a huge number of Amazon, Target, and Walmart packages. Available in several grades both reinforced and non-reinforced.

Printed Masking Tapes - Printed Masking Tapes are a very popular option for deli tapes, labeling, crafting, and displaying general handling messages. They work great on all types of boutique packaging and sandwich wraps

Printed Flat back Paper Tapes - Flat back paper tapes are constructed of a smooth premium white backing with a Natural Rubber adhesive.  This smooth backing allows for more detailed prints than normal crepe masking tapes and also can be written on with pens, sharpies on other marking devices

Top reasons why you should you consider using Printed Tape?

Over the past several years, Custom Printed Tapes have become more popular. Each day, we see an increasing number of boxes going directly to consumers. As a result, companies want their products to stand out from the pack. Printed tape is a cost-effective way to achieve this by displaying an endless variety of unique messages, QR discount codes, security and anti-pilfering messages, branding, and date coding

What are the most popular uses of Custom Printed Tapes?

Printed Tapes turn your packages into creative and attractive advertising space.
Printed Tapes promote your brand or message on every box that goes out the door.
Printed Tapes communicate a call to action (Specials, website, promotions, Free Shipping, etc.)
Printed Tapes reduce pilferage and tampering of your products with printed security tape.
Printed Tapes reinforce your brand as well as the features and benefits of your product.
Printed Tapes are Less expensive than custom printed boxes.
Printed Tapes easily identify packaging requirements of your shipment.
Printed Tapes can be printed with a QR Code to provide further direction to the recipient

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