opti3M ATG Tape: The Ultimate Adhesive Solution for professionals

Collection: 3M ATG Tape: The Ultimate Adhesive Solution for professionals

Unleashing the Bond: Your Ultimate Guide to ATG Tape and Its Premier Products

Unleashing the Bond: Your Ultimate Guide to ATG Tape and its Top Performing Products

In the world of adhesives, where every bond matters, 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape stands out as a leading solution to  adhesive bond challenges.  Among noteworthy ATG products, the 3M 987, 924, 926, 928, and 969 ATG Tapes lead the way. Here is a recap of the best ATG Tapes and there corresponding applications

ATG Tape: The Unsung Hero of Adhesion

ATG Tape, with its remarkable adhesive strength and user-friendly application, has become a staple in various professional domains as well as among craft enthusiasts. It is designed to transfer a layer of adhesive onto a host of surfaces ensuring a robust bond that stands the test of time. Its applicability spans across mounting pictures, bonding picture frame mat boards, and even in the assembly of electronics and other commercial products.

Why 3M ATG Tape Products are a Cut Above the Rest

When it comes to ATG Tapes, 3M has been at the forefront, offering a range of products each designed to meet specific adhering needs. Here’s a closer look at some of their premier products:

  • 3M 987 ATG Tape: This variant is lauded for its high tack and excellent bond strength, making it ideal for a wide array of applications including bonding plastics and fabric.
  • 3M 924 ATG Tape: Known for its versatility, the 3M 924 is an excellent choice for general-purpose bonding. Its reliable adhesion ensures it can be used across a myriad of materials with confidence.
  • 3M 926 ATG Tape: If you are dealing with metals or plasticized materials, the 3M 926 is your go-to. Its remarkable adhesion ensures a strong bond even on difficult-to-stick surfaces.
  • 3M 969 ATG Tape: With its high tack and adherence to a variety of substrates, the 3M 969 is a robust choice for those demanding applications where superior holding power is paramount.

    Mastering the Application

    The efficacy of ATG Tape is further enhanced by its ease of application. A handy ATG dispenser is all you need to apply the tape precisely where needed, ensuring a clean, strong bond. The process is as simple as loading the tape, rolling it onto the surface, and voila, your bond is formed.


    Whether you are a professional seeking to enhance your assembly line efficiency or a craft enthusiast looking to elevate your creations, understanding the prowess of ATG Tape and choosing the right variant for your needs is pivotal. The 3M range, with its well-engineered products, offers a reliable solution to meet and exceed your adhering expectations.

    Product Adhesive Type


    Thickness (mils) Operating Temp. Minimum Operating Temp. Maximum 90° Peel Adhesion Stainless Steel
    3M 924  Medium-firm acrylic N/A  2 32°F 180°F 25 oz/in
    3M 926  Firm acrylic N/A  2 32°F 300°F 75 oz/in
    3M 969  High-tack acrylic N/A  5
    32°F 250°F 85 oz/in
    3M 976  High-tack acrylic N/A  4
    32°F 250°F 80 oz/in
    3M 987  Medium-firm acrylic N/A  1.8
    32°F 180°F 70 oz/in
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