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Winco Heavy Duty Banner Hem Tapes are designed to permanently bond sign and banners together.  They are designed to primarily be used with vinyl banner material This allows you can hem your banners without the need to sew the banner material.  Banner Hem Tape can be used in extreme temperatures and bond well to metal, paint, glass and materials with low surface energy. 

The Top 6 questions that we receive about using Banner Hem Tapes:

Do Banner tapes work on Tyvek material?  Yes, this tape is extremely aggressive and does bond well to Tyvek material

Is Banner Hem Tape Removable?   Banner Hem Tapes can be removed, but are designed to create a permanent hem.  Therefore, we don't recommend removing them as it will likely damage the banner material. 

How strong is banner tape? This particular banner tape has a great deal of adhesive bond and tensile strength. There have been many occasions where the banner tape has held up longer than the actual banner material.

How do you cut Banner Tape? Banner tape can be cut with any decent pair of scissors. Knives also work but we recommend extra caution when cutting it with an exposed knife

Is Banner Tape Invisible? Our banner hem tape is clear in color.  Once the liner is removed and bonded to the material, it makes it fairly invisible when looking at a banner.

Are there different Grades of Banner Tape?  Yes, there are a few different grades of banner tape.  We have our Premium Banner Tape which works in almost every application and we also have a slightly less aggressive version that can be used on most light weight banners or indoor applications

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