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Collection: Introducing Our ATG Tape Collection

Looking for the perfect adhesive solution for your crafting and assembly needs? Explore our wide range of ATG tapes and dispensers, featuring trusted brands such as Scotch, 3M, Intertape, Specialty Tapes, Tesa, and Scapa.

ATG tape, short for Adhesive Transfer Gun tape, is a specialized, double-sided crafting tape known for its versatility and strong adhesive properties. Crafters, picture framers, scrapbook enthusiasts, and product assemblers all rely on ATG tape for their projects.

What makes ATG tape unique is its construction—it consists of a very high tack permanent unsupported acrylic adhesive transfer film, pre-applied to a special release liner. This design ensures exceptional adhesion to various surfaces, including paper, plastic films, and metal foils.

For heavy-duty applications, we offer thick and robust heavy-duty ATG tape. With 5 mils of pressure-sensitive adhesive, it's perfect for tasks like gap filling, mounting nameplates, trim-joining, and bonding to irregular surfaces.

If you're looking for acid-neutral adhesive, our Acid Neutral ATG tape is the ideal choice. It features a pH-neutral acrylic adhesive, making it suitable for graphic arts applications, picture framing, scrapbooking, photo mounting, exhibit and POP displays, and product assembly. You can also use it for mounting promotional items, posters, picture frame mat boards, and dust covers. Plus, the glass fibers in the adhesive provide easy handling and dimensional stability.

We offer ATG tapes in various widths to suit your specific needs. And to ensure precise and mess-free application, we have ATG tape dispensers designed for use with ATG-specific tapes. These dispensers make your crafting and assembly projects a breeze, providing quick and controlled tape application.

Choose our ATG tapes and dispensers for all your crafting, framing, and assembly needs. Trust in the quality of our products to enhance your creative projects with secure and durable adhesive solutions. Shop now and experience the difference!
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