optiFree Stretch Wrapper! (A $12,000 Value)

Free Stretch Wrapper! (A $12,000 Value)


Get a Free Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper when Purchase 5 pallets of our Best Selling WXP-31- 18" 6000' Stretch Machine Film

We are so confident on trouble free operation of the Evolution Stretch Wrappers, that we include a Life-Time warranty on parts as long as Our Stretch film is used on the Evolution Stretch Wrappers.

Additional Benefits:

  • Ease of one-person operation Helps combat labor shortages
  • Easier corporate approval easier by way of this qualifying as a consumable expense rather than a capital expense
  • 1000's of machines in currently in service across North America is further proof of the quality of this machine and film
  • Upgrade your existing machine without a capital expenditure
  • You do not need to take all five pallets of film in the initial purchase to qualify